Introducing the 2016 Youth Crew

The LEAF 2016 Summer Season is finally here! The Level 1 Youth Interns just completed their first week of the program, which included learning agriculture skills, watching a cooking demonstration led by Chef Jason Turner, participating in an identity workshop and experiencing a real talk feedback session. In addition, one crew visited Three Springs Fruit Farm and learned how to graft apple trees while the other crew learned how to preserve strawberry jam. After just one week at LEAF, the staff can see the transformation starting to take place in each individual. Each youth has an shown an incredible amount of potential and we are very excited to see the meaningful work they will do this summer. 

This year we have a diverse group of 14 new interns that have already shown so much enthusiasm and heart.  After their first week as LEAF interns, we asked them why they decided to join LEAF and also what their favorite part about this week was. We are so excited to introduce this exceptional group of young people to you.