LEAF Kits!

LEAF Kits are an exciting new project launching this fall! The aim is to make cooking together with local ingredients quick and easy for any family. For all those out there who wrestle to get dinner on the table in addition to a busy work, school, and extracurricular schedule, we're sure you can understand this struggle! 

How does it work?
LEAF staff and youth source local ingredients, and partially prepare and portion out meals in our on-farm kitchen. What you get is prepackaged ingredients for meals that have been prepped and portioned so that it is easy to cook in a relatively short time. In addition, we will provide short instructional videos and paper/ digital recipes.  Our goal is for family meals made with local ingredients to take between 15-45 minutes max to prepare from beginning to end.

What kind of food would be included?
Most meals will include meat, veggies, dairy, and grains. Our partner chefs are helping to develop recipes for this program, and our youth and staff will prepare meals.

A few sample meals are...

~Chicken tacos, fresh salsa, and Elotes (mexican street corn)
~Zuke-Canoes (stuffed zucchini), salad, roasted marinated cherry tomatoes
~3 sisters soup with sausage, side of scalloped potatoes, and steamed green beans

When does the program start?
Our start date for this program is Monday September, 26th.

How much would it cost? And how would my family get it?
We can portion the meals for the total number of people in your family and the price is $8 per person per meal. We will provide 2 meals per week for a total or 8 weeks during this pilot season. We will deliver boxes weekly to Carlisle and Perry County with reusable containers of food inside. Bring back the containers and boxes every week so we can reuse them and cut down on packaging trash. 


Why sign up for LEAF Kits?
The LEAF Project's mission is about providing meaningful work for young people in order to develop their capacity, and there is no more meaningful work we can think of than feeding our community. 

Who benefits?
-Youth, whom we can employ to provide the food, learn skills, and develop their capacity.
-Your family, who will get easy to create meals sourced with local wholesome ingredients
-LEAF, who will be able to continue to grow and provide life changing experiences to youth and our community.


Space is limited, so email shane@leafprojectpa.org if you are interested or have questions!
Note: LEAF Kits are not currently being offered, but will return for the 2017 summer season! Stay tuned!