Kitchen Takeovers! 

Interested in hosting an engaging dinner party with a purpose? Want to share a freshly prepared, locally sourced meal without doing any of the cooking? Check out LEAF's Kitchen Takeovers!


How does it work?

Someone who is interested in hosting a Kitchen Takeover (or KTO) invites 10-12 people to their house for a three course meal, using local ingredients, and prepared by the youth interns in our program. 

During the dinner, LEAF staff and youth share more about what LEAF does and who we work with, and guests learn more about each other! 

For those who are interested in supporting LEAF, this form of fundraiser dinner is a great way to get involved with our youth and our model, all while eating a delicious meal!

Host Testimonials

“Hosting a KTO is a real treat. Not only do you get to have a dinner party for friends that involves no cooking on your part, but you also get to support this innovative organization, have delicious healthy food, and be inspired by the young leaders of LEAF as they share their passion with you. It's fun, meaningful and you won't be sorry you do it!” - Dorothy Andrews

“This is the easiest party I ever had - LEAF makes it so effortless. Basically, you clean the house and provide beverages. They do all the rest, including clean up. It was a nice chance to invite folks who I don't see very often, as well as close friends. Everyone had a great time and met new people; most importantly, they learned about LEAF and its excellent work. The LEAF youth tell of their own experiences and what LEAF has given them. They talked about the benefit of LEAF to not only their lives, but to their families. Everyone was truly touched by the important work that LEAF and its staff are doing. My best recommendation for doing this is that after my first KTO I immediately volunteered to do another. And now I am working on my third.” - Lu Conser


Interested in hosting?

Contact Maggie Stonecash, Development Director, at or (315) 559-3194.

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