LEAF Kits!

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Read this page to learn about LEAF Kits, a service that LEAF provides seasonally. Some produce comes from LEAF, and other ingredients come from our partner farms.



Why participate in LEAF Kits?

1. Eating locally and seasonally - made easy! LEAF selects recipes and dishes based on what is regionally available, fresh and in season. In each given meal, the LEAF team has chosen as many local ingredients as possible, meaning you're getting a higher percentage of local food in each meal. In addition, LEAF kits are prepared each week, meaning your meals are always freshly prepared.

2. Kits with meals, not just ingredients. A LEAF kit is more than just portioned ingredients and a recipe. Most dishes are close to fully prepared, meaning it takes only 15-45 minutes to get food on the table. The remaining steps needed to complete your meal are simple, meaning you can quickly whip the dish up yourself or have family members help out!

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3. Sustainability! Reduce your carbon footprint. Your produce can sometimes travel back and forth across the country (or many countries!) before it can make it to your grocery store. LEAF minimizes the transportation needed to get ingredients from the field to your table, and once it's prepared in our on-site kitchen, it goes directly to the pick up location. LEAF kits also use as many reusable containers as possible, so that no unnecessary packaging is wasted when preparing a kit.

4. ACTUALLY know your farmer! All of the partner farms that we work with are within a 50 mile radius from our farm in Landisburg. These folks are dedicated to providing high quality food for members of our regional community. Each week, you'll be able to know who produced the ingredients in your kit and where they came from - you'll truly be able to know your farmer!

5. Meaningful work for youth. At LEAF, this is what we are here to do. Youth of all different ages and backgrounds will work together to prepare LEAF kits in each part of the process. In addition to doing the culinary work, youth will be working to understand exactly what prevents people from accessing local, fresh produce and evaluating new ways to bridge those gaps. Equipped with these skills and this knowledge, LEAF youth can be agents of change in our community. 

LEAF Kits are the solution to getting your family to eat locally sourced, produce-filled meals in 20-40 minutes. The youth in our summer and fall internship help put the meals together in our on-site kitchen. 

There are three pick up locations for your LEAF Kits boxes: 412 Lincoln St. in Carlisle, 554 Warm Springs Rd. in Landisburg, and the Millworks in Harrisburg (340 Verbeke St., by Broad Street Market). Pick up is between 4:30 and 8 pm on Wednesdays. You can indicate when purchasing whichever pick up locations is best for you!

The price per session depends on the number of people in your family, and there is a 5% discount for those who sign up for all three sessions (use discount code THREESESSIONS at checkout to receive):

  • One person = $120
  • Two people = $240
  • Three people = $330
  • Four people = $440  

For those who would like to receive LEAF Kits, and are unable to pay the full price, there are options available for scholarships or work-for-share to make the price more accommodating.