Session 1 SAMPLE: LEAF Kits

fawn eliz cooking pepps.JPG
fawn eliz cooking pepps.JPG

Session 1 SAMPLE: LEAF Kits

from 39.00

Select a week within Session 1, and your family can receive a sample of LEAF Kits. It will include two meals, portioned for the number of people in your family. This is a great way to try out our amazing product before committing to a whole session!

Added bonus - all kits in Session 1 will be designed and prepared with the help of Lance Smith, Executive Chef of the Millworks in Harrisburg.

Included in the price is a $15 refundable fee for the box that the kits come in.

Week 1 - July 5

Week 2 - July 12

Week 3 - July 19

Week 4 - July 26

Week 5 - August 2

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