Level 1 Youth Internship

Thanks for checking out our Youth Internship opportunity! The application is now closed for 2019 and we encourage you to apply next summer!

Download our recruitment flyer in color or black and white!


This summer the LEAF Project will provide paid Youth Internships to young people, from 14-18, to work alongside farmers and chefs in our region during an seven week summer program. Youth will plant, grow, & harvest vegetables for area restaurants and hunger relief donation, develop culinary skills, and explore leadership and food systems topics.


  1. How long is the LEAF program? The Youth Summer Internship runs for about 7 weeks each summer. After the summer there are opportunities for youth who have been through the summer program to work during the school year.

  2. How many hours will I work each week? During the summer, youth will work 24-36 hours per week, Monday-Thursday, 8:00-4:00 pm. Youth in peer leadership roles will work half days on Fridays as well. During the school year, youth work for up to 12 hours per week during the weekends and selected after school dates.

  3. What would a normal week be like? During the summer, a normal week includes 50% of the time doing meaningful work in the kitchen or on the farm (harvesting, planting, or cultivating vegetables, or preparing, packaging, and serving food) & 50% of time split between workshops, leadership development, hunger relief work, and cooking classes with award-winning chefs.

  4. Who are the other youth going to be? Entry-level youth will be selected throughout South Central, PA from a variety of different backgrounds. You will probably know some of the people and will also meet new people. We also have some leadership youth who are returning to the program after successfully completing at least one summer season with LEAF.

  5. How much am I going to get paid? You will earn a stipend of about $30 a day for eight weeks, divided into paychecks every other week. That works out to about $1,000 over the summer. After you successfully complete the summer program, you will be eligible to apply to higher paying leadership positions in the fall/spring/summer of the following seasons.

  6. Am I eligible for LEAF? You are eligible if you are between the ages of 14 and 18, are interested in working hard and having fun, and are able transport yourself/find transportation to/from Carlisle or our farm in Landisburg daily. (If you are very interested in the program and cannot arrange transportation, please contact Heidi, LEAF's Executive Director, and discuss options.) Also, you must be available during the majority of the eight weeks.

  7. Is it going to be fun? LEAF is going to be both hard work and fun. The crew will laugh together, build friendships, and accomplish a lot both in developing themselves and providing good food in the community.

  8. How do I apply? You must complete an online application. Please make sure you put your best effort into your application.

  9. What is a reference? The LEAF Project requires you to provide a reference as part of the application process. A reference is an adult who is unrelated to you but who knows you well (teacher, pastor, employer, coach, etc.). You will need to provide a phone number for your reference. LEAF staff may contact your reference during the selection process.

  10. How do I apply for the level 2 Internship? If you participated in the LEAF Project youth internship in the summer you are eligible to apply for the leadership level internship.

  11. Who should I contact if I have more questions? Please contact Ricki Horne, LEAF Program Coordinator with more questions at ricki@leafprojectpa.org