Leadership Level Youth Internship

Thanks for checking out our Leadership Level Youth Internship opportunity!  The leadership level builds on the foundation of the summer internship – meaningful work alongside farmers and chefs – and adds to it a few important factors:

  • a more in depth experience of the growing season (from frost to frost)

  • a more in depth understanding of culinary applications in the food system

  • an opportunity to develop your skills as a peer leader

The Level 2 Youth Internship takes place throughout all four seasons: fall, winter, spring, and summer. After completing one summer with LEAF, youth interns have the option to continue working through the Fall Internship, centered on social entrepreneurship, and the Spring Internship, focused on leadership capacity. 

The following summer, 2 levels of leadership opportunity are offered:

  1. ACLs (Assistant Crew Leaders): Their job is to maintain the morale of their crew and make sure LEAF is working to reach our common goals, acting as peer leaders.

  2. Level 2 Crew: These interns have been through the summer program at least once before, and are interested in furthering their knowledge of how the farm and kitchen operate at LEAF. They will learn and use advanced technical skills, while also continuing their personal workforce readiness.

I learned that I was capable of using my voice to help others. I realized that I can be a good leader and discovered that I can do great in public outreach just by being myself. My voice does matter. I now know, I am capable of influencing a lot of people in the community.

Maddy Albright, 16

Requirements to be considered:

  • Have successfully completed the LEAF Level 1 internship OR have equivalent experience as well as strong recommendation from a knowledgeable adult

  • Be at least 15 years old before starting the Leadership Level Internship.

  • Complete online application

  • Be physically able to do agricultural work and handle challenging weather conditions


Leadership Level Internship Expectations:

  • Work a majority of the shifts offered

  • Be able to provide your own transportation to pick up/drop off location

  • Have a motivated, positive attitude during various kinds of work – farm work, culinary, community outreach, program planning, leadership development, etc

Apply to be a part of the Fall Crew here! (For returning LEAF interns only)